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The Central Basin Charter Boat Association

A group of dedicated  Charter captains.  Mainly fishing the Central Basin of Lake Erie.  Our captains are all Coast Guard licensed, fully insured and well prepared to take your group fishing for the many sport fish found off the waters of Lorain Ohio. Welcome aboard for a fun and safe day of fishing. Our fleet of boats have all the equipment needed for trolling, casting or bottom fishing. Please visit this site and its links to our charters for all the information needed.



Visit Our Captains



Captain John Rainieri

Beaver Park North



Captain Frank Kittrick

Spitzer Lakeside


Barbie Doll

Capt Dale Kuzak

Beaver Park North


Reel Thrill

Captain Anthony Sambunjak

Spitzer Lakeside


Mega Bites

Captain Tony Denslow

Vermillion Captain's Corner

Tight Liner

Captain Ed Abel

Spitzer Lakeside


Sandy B

Captain DaveBuckland

Spitzer Lakeside


One More

Captain Mark Mishak

Beaver Park North




Fishin' Boat

Captain Walt Morris

Beaver Park North



Captain Joe Hudak

Spitzer Lakeside


Lucky Duck

Captain Rick Comstock

Vermillion Captain's



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